Injection Molding Machine Filter Nozzle Block Metal Stone
Filter Element:Mesh or Barrier Element;
Suitable Machine:Injection Molding;
Suitable Size:60-1500T Machine;
Pressure Loss:<20MPa

About Filter Nozzle

Injection Machine Filter Nozzle is mainly used in thermoplastic injection field to purify passing polymer, block foreign objects to enter mold, improve production quality & surface appearance.
By adding a block or barrier section inside nozzle, it can customize per actual application and block foreign object inside nozzle.

Product Property

· Purify melting polymer, block foreign objects, improve product quality.

· Size adjustable, suitable for various running application.

· Can improve polymer homogenization.

· Well choose material & treatment, more durable for use.

· Can combine use with shut-off nozzle.

Application Field