nitriding barrel
nitriding barrel nitriding barrel
38CrMoAl SACM645 1.8550 Nitrided Barrel
ID Size:Dia.12-250mm
Treatment:Gas Nitriding

About Nitrided Screw

Nitrided screws are normally made from base material 38CrMoAla (SACM645, 8550) and with gas or plasma nitrition on screw surface to get a surface hardness, the hardness effective layer is normally range from 0.3-0.6mm depends on nitrition cycle time. Good thing with nitrided screw is it will get a very good wear resistance with common plastic processing until the surface hardness is worn off, especially with the surface 0.2mm layer, but as soon as the hard layer is worn off, screw will go through an accelerated wearing as the hardness get much lower inside.

Applied Area


Technical Index

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