static mixer color dispersion nozzle
static mixer color dispersion nozzle static mixer color dispersion nozzle
Plastic Injection Molding Masterbatch Color Mixing Static Mixer Nozzle
Function:Color Mixing & Dispersion
Model:TM-I / TM-II / TM-III
Suitable Machine:30T-1500T


Injection machine color mixing nozzle is mainly used in thermoplastic injection field, by adding several static mixer inside nozzle to evenly stir the passing polymer and increase color mixing effect, improve production efficiency & product quality, meanwhile to reduce production cost.


The nozzle is mainly through exponential separation & mixing of inside static mixer to homogenize passing polymer, and evenly mixing the color. The excellent mixing element can also reduce the colorant usage and production cost. Well selected material & treatment is resistant to 40% reinforced fillers.

Product Property

Homogenize melting polymer, avoid pigment patch, improve product surface finish.

Evenly disperse colorant, improve color mixing, reduce colorant dosing and cost.

Improve melt temperature unevenness, eliminate product deformation.

Shorten melting cycle time, improve production efficiency.

Can combine use with shut-off nozzles.

Technical Index