spring shut off valve nozzle
spring shut off valve nozzle spring shut off valve nozzle
Internal Spring Loaded Self-closing Shut off Valve Nozzle for Injection Molding Machine
Suitable Polymers:PA, PET, ABS..
Drive Unit:Spring
Open Pressure:280Bar
Close Pressure:100Bar


Internal spring controlled shut-off nozzle mainly serves to solve the leakage of low density thermoplastic injection process, like PA, PP, PS, PE, which can improve production efficiency and save production cost, and it’s used lot in low-frequency injection process.


The needle is drove by internal spring and keep shutting automatically, during injection process, the injection pressure force the needle back to open the channel and ensure proper injection, after injection ends, pressure drops and needle will again lockup by spring and prevent material from leaking out of nozzle.


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